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Long tirades on Instagram wear me out. Can’t we all just get along? I try so hard to ignore the fan wars that are always going on whenever tom posts stuff, but sometimes they really get to me. Tonight especially, he shared something a little deeper than normal and they started up again. I ended up leaving the longest comment ever but what’s the point? Nobody really cares what anybody else thinks. They only care about what they want, which is the reason these even happen. I’m protective of Tom, yes. Should I be? Probably not. I know he’s not done everything right, I get *some* of the reasons why people complain, but I will never understand the constant hate that he gets, especially just because he’s doing something that he loves. So sorry it wasn’t to please you.

How would you feel if hundreds of people verbally, and quite viciously, tore into you every time you posted about something you cared about?

You wouldn’t like it.


I might as well be the Angels & Airwaves mascot or something, because of all the merch I have.

I’m sewing a #macbeth patch on my angels and airwaves sweatshirt to cover up a hole in the pocket from wearing it so much. At least they’re related ;)


Angels and Airwaves - Valkyrie Missile                                    

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Ultimately, these are my friends.  It’s why I point a camera.  I want them vulnerable, fragile and sneezing. They are heros to me.   It’s my life and I only get one go round.

But they are also, just heros.   The shit I love about them resonates, both in inspiration and in you becoming.   I like freezing a moment.   I like witnessing.  I create, but I’m a fan of this crazy life.

I’m proud of catching Atom dripping sweat in a rare mowhawk moment.  I like that I caught Tom contemplative – and trust me, the man sells himself with his own enthusiasm.   David is frozen in a strutting moment before a crowd.   And this, the shy boy, jumping walls and exploding in a motorcycle dash.   Matt is both crazy and laser like sane.

These are photos.  Glimpses, if you will.   Snapshots of my heros.  Frail and kicking your ass.

Like life, it’s tentative, fragile, and halting.  And these are the memories gorgeous.  The impulse of a finger loving the moment when friends become. - Jeff “Critter” Newell - The fifth member of Angels and Airwaves

What a beautiful, beautiful piece of writing… Rest in peace Critter…

I love seeing all the AVA on my dash right now!

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Merry Christmas all!

In love! 😍

Happy birthday, Tom DeLonge!

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Happy birthday Thomas Matthew DeLonge jr.!!! ♥♥♥

"Don't fucking let yourself down, and I'll never let myself down again"

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This was my contribution to his bday wishes lol

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